Sprinkler System Installations

Meeting Regulations and Standards

Our installation crews are committed to meeting all relevant regulations and standards. We ensure that every installation complies with manufacturers’ Life Safety Code, NFPA regulations, Ontario Fire Safety & Protection Act, and local bylaws governing fire sprinkler systems.

Diverse Installation Expertise

Equipped to install a wide range of fire suppression systems, including those for homes, commercial kitchens, industrial facilities, senior residences, and healthcare facilities. Handling unique installations with special hazard requirements, providing tailored solutions.

Qualified and Experienced Team

Our installers are fully qualified, licensed, and equipped with extensive experience and continuous education to stay abreast of industry regulations and technological advancements. Every installation is carried out with precision and in compliance with the highest standards.

Why Choose us?

For professional fire sprinkler system installations that prioritize safety, compliance, and quality, contact Boss Fire today. Our team is ready to provide expert solutions tailored to your specific fire protection needs.

Safety is our Priority

Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive Services

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Comprehensive Services

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