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Comprehensive Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
Your Safety is Our Priority

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive fire extinguisher maintenance services in strict accordance with NFPA 10 standards. Our commitment to safety and compliance ensures that your fire extinguishers remain in optimal condition and ready to perform when needed.

Routine Maintenance Procedures

Our routine maintenance procedures include thorough examinations, regular inspections, and any necessary adjustments to ensure that your fire extinguishers are fully operational and compliant with NFPA 10 requirements.

Quick and Easy Replacements

We offer smooth extinguisher replacement services to ensure that your fire extinguishers are fully charged and ready for use. Our technicians will carefully inspect the extinguishers to determine if any need replacement and promptly change them out, disposing of the old units as required. We provide comprehensive component replacement and upkeep services to address any worn or damaged parts of your fire extinguishers. Our goal is to ensure that all components are in optimal condition and compliant with NFPA 10 standards.

In-Depth Maintenance

Our certified technicians will provide an in depth and thorough maintenance procedure on the extinguishers including changing old tamper seals, assessing the integrity of the unit, and looking for any leaks in pressure. Once we complete our inspections, we certify and tag the extinguishers ensuring they are in working order.

Maintenance Records and Tracking

We maintain detailed maintenance records and tracking of all fire extinguisher maintenance activities, providing you with a comprehensive history of each extinguisher’s maintenance and certification status as required by NFPA 10.


Why Choose us?

We ensure you that your fire protection equipment is in full compliance with industry standards.

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Choose Boss Fire Inc.

For all your NFPA 10 fire extinguisher inspection needs, contact us today to schedule an inspection. Our top-notch services comply with NFPA guidelines, covering everything from initial inspection and installation to regular maintenance and recharge.

Contact us today to benefit from our certified expertise and ensure unrivaled fire safety for your property.