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At Boss Fire Inc., we take great pride in being the perfect solution for all clients seeking fire alarm maintenance and servicing. With years of experience and expertise in the industry, our team of skilled professionals understands the critical importance of fire alarm systems in safeguarding lives and property. As NFPA certified experts, we are committed to delivering exceptional services that ensure the utmost level of fire protection.

Fire alarm systems have existed since 1852 with the purpose of detecting and alerting individuals to the presence of smoke or fire in a specific location. The fire alarm panel serves as a hub, receiving and transmitting information to and from other connected devices. Our comprehensive range of services covers all aspects of fire alarms, including monitoring, certification, sales, maintenance, installation, and testing for Conventional Systems, Intelligent (Addressable) Systems, as well as for Smoke Detection.

By keeping a close eye on your fire alarms, we make sure they’re always working, giving you peace of mind. Our team goes through thorough checks to make sure your fire alarm system meets all the industry standards.

We have a wide range of top-notch fire alarm products to meet your needs. From initial installation to routine maintenance and testing, we strive to keep your fire alarm system in optimal condition, minimizing the risk of false alarms and maximizing efficiency.

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We are Committed to Taking Excellent Care of Your Fire Safety Needs

When it comes to fire alarm services, Boss Fire Inc. is your reliable and trusted partner. Contact us today to benefit from our NFPA certified expertise, comprehensive offerings, and dedication to ensuring unmatched fire protection for your property.

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For all your fire extinguisher services and trust us to meet your fire safety needs. Our top-notch services comply with NFPA guidelines, covering everything from initial inspection and installation to regular maintenance and recharge.

Contact us today to benefit from our certified expertise and ensure unrivaled fire safety for your property.